Rashid Al Dhaheri Stunning victory in first-ever race in the Junior category at The IAME Seriesrace

The young Emirati racing driver gets off to a flying start as he steps up

 Adria, Italy  2020:Young Emirati karting star Rashid Al Dhaheri got off to a flying start in his first-ever race in the X30 Junior category, as the young talent threw down the gauntlet to his newfound rivals with a stunning victory, despite having been in lockdown for around half a year. Recently turning 12 years old, Rashid took part in the Second Round of the IAME Series 12-14 category and continued to make his mark in the steady progression upwards in his racing career.

Right from the get-go, Rashid had an excellent series of qualifiers on a dry track finishing in P1 with a time of 50.653. Hard-fought and tough, the qualification was tight and he only just beat the competition, which saw him secure pole position. Rashid overcame a challenge in the heats, which he overcame with great dexterity. The efforts made during the pandemic to build up his skills was time that paid off well.

As the sun shone on race final day, the track was dry. Rightaway, Rashid had a challenge, as he was pushed away on the second corner by the person behind, losing him four positions at the start. Rapidly addressing this in less than one lap, the young driver overcame this and positioned himself behind the leader due to his determination and tenacity.

Showing great talent, the young talent determined the correct moment to overtake and take the lap. Halfway through the race he overtook, with great confidence Rashid displayed speed and consistency, creating a significant gap.

With great racing management, Rashid’s cool and calm focus enabled him to drive in a stable and steady manner, with his skills and hardworking nature delivering an excellent result. The young star completed the 20 laps crossing the finish line with endurance, holding a solid lead over the competition of more than a second.

The victory follows Rashid’s time away due to COVID-19, where he was out of participation for more than four months.

Enthusiastic and happy about his introduction to the Junior racing world, Rashid said “It was fantastic to win the first race. When a driver progresses to a higher category a win does not happen so often and I’m glad that all the steps and planning we have taken have helped me to make a solid start. I will aim to keep this up and I’m glad to have carried out an effective race plan for this level.”

Fausto Ippoliti said: “This is a stunning victory from Rashid and it is simply excellent to make such an achievement when he has only just entered the Junior category, where the competition is fierce. We have worked hard in training and made the most of the recent downtime to study and work on skills where possible. It is most rewarding to come out of the other side with the best possible reward as Rashid’s talents continue to come through at each racing level.”

The IAME Series race took place on the innovative FIA approved Adria Karting raceway. This 1,302m course is challenging with its tight and twisty nature, with the straights connected by a series of hairpin bends.

Rashid is continuing with Parolin Racing Kart for IAME Series participation, as he continues to raise the UAE flag in the international racing scene.

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