THERMAL CLUB RACEWAY – PALM SPRINGS, CA | The 1,200 hp quad motor Drako GTE from

Silicon Valley electric supercar manufacturer, Drako Motors, made its track debut at the Thermal

Club Raceway. Lamborghini Chief Test Driver, Valentino Balboni, was at the wheel showcasing

Drako GTE’s superpowers.

Drako GTE at Thermal Raceway

Balboni commented, “My professional life has been all about finding innovative solutions to improve

performance and the driver’s feeling from behind the wheel. Now after driving Drako GTE, I feel that I

have entered a completely new world of incredible power and amazing control. However, it is the turn in

feel which elevates GTE head and shoulders above any GT car I have driven. I truly love the way this car

feels as it turns in and transitions through the corners – it is something I have not experienced before in a

car with these dimensions. I didn’t want to stop, it’s a really compelling and addictive drive.“

Drako GTE’s fully symmetrical quad motor powertrain and sophisticated Nürburgring-developed

DriveOS software represent a technological leap in the evolution of driving dynamics. With four

separate electric motors and direct drive gearboxes, Drako GTE computes and delivers positive

and negative torque commands for each wheel individually with near-zero latency. Powering

Drako GTE is the Drako battery pack, featuring the highest continuous output of any battery in the

EV industry for maximum performance on road and track.

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