Kifah Hilal The Winner Of Red Bull Car Park Drift Lebanon Final 2019

Red Bull Car Park Drift Lebanon Final 2019

Lebanon hosts the 6th National final of the 2019 Red Bull Car Park Drift season in Byblos, ahead of the World Finals that will be hosted in Turkey on September 1 later this year.

Last year’s world finals runner up Kifah Hilal clenched the 1st place spot with almost perfect performances on each of the 3 heats. He kept increasing his level as he scored 340 points in the first heat, 370 in the second and a score of 383 on heat 3, leaving the crowd in awe and on the edge of their seats.

With 377 points on heat 3, Mashaal Kawkab came as a close second with an almost equally amazing performance. He scored 308 points in the first round and upped his level as he got a higher score of 360 in heat 2.

Last year’s winner Oliver Kik did not cease to impress once again as he came in third place with a total score of 373 on heat 3. Kik showed high potential through all the heats but lost his pace when he obtained a penalty after hitting one of the obstacles, losing 8 points.

24 athletes, including 2 women, Rasha Korkis and Carine Kaii, were competing at this year’s national final. The winner of the national final, Kifah Hilal, will move on to the world finals in Turkey.

All of the athletes were judged and awarded points based on the same set of very specific criteria.

Judges Jean-Pierre Nasrallah, Mustafa Fakhri, Matthias Njeim, and Kamal Karaa representing ATCL awarded 40 points for the overall look and design of the car, and 60 points for the athlete’s drifting skills, per section. The spiral gates, the car sound, and the smoke generated by the tires represented 20 points each. The flippers are worth 30 points each and the pendulum represents a heavier weight of 50 points. Finally, the performance in the boxes scores the athletes 25 points per box. The final score is weighted on a total of 400 points. The athletes will however lose points through penalties if they hit obstacles, drift the wrong way or spin their cars, and get automatically disqualified if they get more than 3 penalties in the same round.

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