AW Rostamani Group’s multibrand facility conducts waterless car wash

 AUTOTRUST – Multibrand Pre-Owned Cars, a part of the AW Rostamani Group, is upholding the highest standards of quality for all cars across its showroom through daily waterless car wash of all the cars on display in addition to thorough inspection to ensure that customers are guaranteed of a well-maintained vehicle.

By using the waterless car wash, AUTOTRUST – Multibrand Pre-Owned Cars is also promoting the sustainable development vision of the country. Compared to about 40 litres of water used in a regular car wash, the waterless car wash deployed by the company uses only 50 millilitres of eco-friendly, non-H2O waterless car wash products. The waterless car wash takes about 10 to 15 minutes per car, ensuring quality standards are maintained.

This supports the UAE and Dubai’s vision to be energy and water efficient, with the latest estimates by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, reporting a total saving of AED1.2 billion by Dubai in the past decade through electricity and water conservation measures. The report said the commercial sector accounted for a 28 per cent reduction in water usage in the past decade.

The waterless car wash assures the protection of the cars displayed at the showroom in addition to saving water, and cleaning the vehicle surface without any damage, thereby protecting external car components from corrosion and promoting a long-lasting shine and protection. The new-look of the cars adds to the delight of the customers, who are guaranteed of a well-maintained car.

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