A World First- Bosch will Debut a Driverless Electric Concept Shuttleat CES 2019

Bosch will showcase innovation for the mobility of the future and for the smart home

At CES 2019 in Las Vegas, from January 8 to 11, Bosch will be highlighting innovative solutions and services for the mobility of the future and for the smart home. The company will also showcase a driverless electric concept shuttle with integrated services, a world-first. This kind of mobility will soon feature on streets in major cities around the world: whisper-silent, driverless shuttles that are seamlessly connected with their surroundings.

Mobility of the future

  • The Convenience Charging app, an integrated charging and navigation solution, enhances everyday benefits of electromobility, combining information from the electric powertrain with both vehicle and environment data to produce a reliable range forecast.
  • The mySPIN smartphone integration solution makes it safe for drivers to use smartphone apps while they are on the road. Drivers will be able to operate the apps by touch or using the vehicle’s rotary push button. Bosch is also developing mySPIN smartphone integration for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and powersports vehicles.
  • Bosch has developed a cloud-based solution that sends a warning to wrong-way drivers and all road users at risk within ten seconds.
  • A next-generation electronic horizon will provide data on road inclines and the sharpness of bends to complement navigation data.
  • Bosch predictive road-condition services will allow self-driving vehicles to determine how road conditions will develop over the course of a journey, based on weather data provided by the company’s partner Foreca.
  • Bosch subsidiary ESCRYPT will be presenting CycurACCESS, a security solution for keyless vehicle access systems. State-of-the-art cryptographic methods make these digital keys particularly secure.
  • San José in California’s Silicon Valley is set to become the pilot city for an automated ridesharing service provided by Bosch and Daimler. Bosch and Daimler plan to offer the app-based service with automated Mercedes-Benz S class vehicles to selected customers.

Intelligent assistants: solutions for the smart home

  • Bosch connected refrigerators with interior cameras will now offer food recognition with storage recommendations, automatically recognizing some 60 kinds of fruits and vegetables and suggesting the ideal place to store them via an app.
  • PAI is a Bosch projector that is mounted over the kitchen counter, turning the whole worktop into a touchscreen.
  • The Indego robot lawn mower recognizes obstacles on the lawn by evaluating data such as motor flow, acceleration, motor speed, and direction.
  • The new BML100PI interactive projection module lets users create smart shelves in their closets or wardrobes.
  • Bosch’s BMI270 sensor is an intelligent inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor with extremely low energy consumption which was designed for use in wearable electronic devices
  • The .aino chatbot enables users to communicate with their heating system using plain language.
  • The AIR well-being sensor offers innovative climate comfort for the home records and presents information on air quality, temperature, and humidity, as well as brightness and noise.

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