The creative young man Fahed Abu Salah

The creative young man Fahed Abu Salah earns a Middle East achievement and gets opportunities and invites to visiting Europe from international companies. 

Fahed Abu Salah took a shot at the Guinness world record for the longest single car burnout in Beirut,Lebanon.

His university studies didn’t stop him from his passion for cars and its mechanical fields. As he excellenced his major in computer and communication engineering, he made time for his cars. He participated in many car clubs and established one of his own called “Lebanese Automotive Super Cars Club” which mainly revovles around super cars. This club organizes activities in full safety standards away from all road dangers. 

Fahed abu salah made the longest single car burn out record in the middle east which lasted for more than four minutes . This Attempt was made in his deep sky blue SS/RS Camaro which had blue wheels that produced blue smoke while burning. The blue color was the theme of this event as support to prostate cancer patients, and was held in September, which is the month of prostate cancer awareness.

Fahed Abu Salah declares that he provides car lovers a safe field for them to practice their favorite sports away from all dangers that can be associated with such practices on the road. Therefore, he initiated his social media accounts on youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, and many more in order to share all his experiences in driving supercars as well as posting videos reviewing these types of cars. These practices are in collaboration with international car companies where he helps them in the marketing business that way. 

Congratulations to the youngman Fahed Abu Salah for his achievements and his burn out record. All the luck with his career.


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