Volvo sales rise 12% in October on strong Europe demand

STOCKHOLM — Volvo Car registrations rise 12 percent in October, buoyed by strong demand in Europe, putting the automaker firmly on track for its fifth consecutive year of record sales.

Helped by strong demand in all of its regions, Volvo’s sales rose to 53,509 units from 47,841 units a year ago, the automaker said .

Europe sales jumped 12 percent on strong demand for the XC60 SUV and the smaller XC40 crossover.

U.S. registrations were up 4.6 percent buoyed by demand for its XC60, while sales in China, Volvo’s largest market, jumped 3.2 percent due to strong demand for locally produced SUV and the S90 premium sedan model.

Through October, sales were up 14 percent to 526,062.

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