All-new INFINITI QX50 brings world-first technologies for powerful performance and efficient economy

INFINITI QX50 assures smart power and greater control at lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency

 Arabian Automobiles, the flagship company of the AW Rostamani Group and the exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, is showcasing the unbeatable performance of the all-new QX50, which is setting industry standards with several world-first technologies.

Among the highlights of the world-first technologies developed and deployed for the all-new QX50 include its variable compression engine, one of the most advanced internal combustion engines ever created. Addressing the challenge of compromising performance with environmental efficiency and fuel economy, INFINITI QX50’s VC Turbo engine represents over 20 years of development and serves as the watchword for reliability and functionality.

Over the past two decades, INFINITI had built and tested more than 100 engine prototypes with over 30,000 hours on the test-bed, equivalent to 5 million kilometres of on-road testing. The learning and experience culminates in the VC Turbo Engine that is truly revolutionary.

Delivering superb torque without the weight of an electric powertrain (batteries) and assuring the efficiency of a diesel engine without the emissions, the VC Turbo Engine on the INFINITI QX50 has a compact design, which in turn allows for larger interiors and smaller footprint. An alternative to diesel during a period of stronger emphasis on powertrain transmissions, the INFINITI QX50’s VC Turbo Engine is all-powerful, bringing exhilarating performance or lower fuel costs and environmental emissions.

Equally impressive and innovative is the Active Torque Rod of the QX50. The world’s first active engine mount vibration damping system, it cancels out engine noise and vibration during acceleration. Placed on the upper engine mount, it isolates and dampens engine harshness and noise through counter-balancing vibrations – just the right technology that makes motoring even more delightful.

INFINITI enthusiasts are encouraged to stop by their nearest INFINITI of Arabian Automobiles centre and book a test drive to learn first-hand what these innovative technologies deliver to their driving experience.

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