Pirelli partnership with Groove Glove distributors MAHA Middle East is a regional first

Pirelli, one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, has enhanced its reputation as a regional leader in safety and performance in the automotive industry by adopting the ‘Tire Profiles’ Groove Glove technology. Pirelli is the first tyre manufacturer in the Middle East to adopt the game-changing technology, which gives drivers the industry’s most comprehensive tyre update report to date.

Ensuring driver safety remains the key pillar in Pirelli’s consumer strategy. In-line with the Italian premium tyre manufacturer’s drive to constantly enhance its products and services to help enhance the overall driver experience, Pirelli recently launched new Run Flat homologations, which enables drivers to drive up to 80km at a maximum speed of 80kph with a flat.

In the latest evolution of Pirelli’s driver safety initiatives, the firm has introduced the latest tyre scanning technology to the Middle East – a regional first.

Created by ‘Tire Profiles’, a partner of MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co., the German supplier of high-end garage and vehicle inspection equipment, Groove Glove gives drivers tyre-related information, including suspension, pressure, alignment, wear and tear and replacement recommendations. The technology also calculates tread depth of the major grooves on a tyre to a tenth of a millimeter.

By determining the relative braking distance of a car based on wear, the Groove Glove algorithm compares the existing tyres on a given surface at 110kph with a new set on the same car with the same conditions. The technology then calculates the impact of current tyres on braking quality.

Carlos Milani, MD of Middle East and Indian subcontinent, Pirelli, said: “Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. With safety and performance our main priorities, Pirelli aims to capitalize on technological developments to make the lives of our customers easier, safer and more efficient. Pirelli not only provides the best tyres but also the best service. As the first adopters of the Groove Glove technology in the Middle East, we are offering our customers an unrivalled experience in the form of accurate digitized tyre data. With Groove Glove, Pirelli customers are now able to more accurately identify tear condition and the next steps. This technology underlines Pirelli’s commitment and capability to offer drivers a full-spectrum, first-class service.”

Noman Haider,Technical Advisor at MAHA Middle East FZE, added: “Through the accuracy of the Groove Glove, we are able to educate drivers about safety and reducing the risk of tyre-related road traffic accidents. Not only does The Groove Glove from ‘Tire Profiles’ significantly reduce the time needed to accurately measure wear and tear, it also gives an accurate measurement of thousands of points across the surface of the tyre.

“Pirelli has always been a leading global innovator in finding new means and methods to ensure drivers’ safety. It was no surprise for us that the leading premium tyre manufacturer was the first to implement the Groove Glove technology in the region – it aligns perfectly with their mission,” concluded Haider.

Groove Glove tyre scanning should be done regularly as repeating the process is the only way to limit accidents.

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