Alfa Romeo Giulia Wins the 25th Edition of the “Compasso d’Oro ADI” Award

  • The award ceremony of the prestigious prize, created in 1954, took place at Castello Sforzesco – Cortile della Rocchetta in Milan on June 20th.


  • During the ceremony, visitors admired a Giulia Quadrifoglio and a 4C Spider “Italia”, two cars that express the racing spirit that runs in the Alfa Romeo DNA.


The Alfa Romeo Giulia has won the 25th edition of the “Compasso d’Oro ADI”, the most prestigious world design award. Created in 1954, the Compasso d’Oro ADI Award is assigned on the basis of a pre-selection made by the ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) Osservatorio Permanente del Design, which consists of a committee of experts, designers, critics, historians and specialist journalists, all continuously working, year by year, to gather information and assess the best products.

Giulia, like every Alfa Romeo, springs from the perfect balance of heritage, speed and beauty that makes it the highest expression of Italian style in the automotive world. It incorporates all the distinguishing features of quintessential Italian style and unique Alfa Romeo elements: an impeccable sense of proportions, simplicity and superior surface quality finish, for an innovative design that is faithful to a universally appreciated tradition. Proportions are based on the technical architecture of the entire car and are a direct consequence of the latter, while the stylistic details are sculpted on its mechanics.

The new Giulia stands out for its short front overhang, long bonnet and long front wings, retracted passenger compartment settled on the drive wheels and muscular rear wings which visually mark the point where power is unleashed onto the road. An elongated tail, typical of rear-wheel drive cars, balances proportions and guarantees adequate boot capacity. This general profile springs from the adoption of a longitudinal front engine and rear-wheel drive layout. The engine and mechanical components are arranged to ensure perfect weight balance, resulting in an extremely generous wheelbase packaged in a compact body. These proportions draw the dynamic shape of an ellipsis in plan view. In addition, the rounded angles and the enveloping pillars convey momentum to the car creating a “drop-shaped” profile which is reminiscent of the Giulietta Sprint, one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

A second aspect of Italian style is simplicity, and the ability to cover what is in fact one of the most complex creative processes in industry – designing a car. It is up to style to conceal the long, complex work behind a simple, natural line which enhances elegant shapes and sophisticated Italian taste. Alfa Romeo design has always been expressed through clean, hand drawn lines, paired seamlessly with pure, hand sculpted surfaces. Once again, the new Giulia boasts a strong identity drawn in few simple, sophisticated strokes. A line gouged along the sides which marks the doors and envelops the handles and, naturally, the legendary trefoil nose – arguably the most famous, recognisable style element in automotive history. Another characteristic trait is quality, which satisfies the senses of both sight and touch, and creates rich, harmonious reflections across the entire car. Outside, the shape of the new Giulia is statuesque, recalling a big cat just about to pounce.

An essential component that inspired the design of the new Giulia, is the driver. The interior of the car focuses on driving satisfaction in a clean and essential way: the presence of non-invasive technology can be clearly seen among the instruments which pivot around the driver. The tunnel is diagonal, the dashboard slightly undulated and the steering wheel, which groups together all the main controls, is small and straightforward, suitable for any driving style. The whole package is framed by fine materials, picked for their tactile and visual impact and assembled with bespoke care.

The prestigious award was made at the Castello Sforzesco – Cortile della Rocchetta in Milan, where visitors admired an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the most powerful street-legal sedan ever created by Alfa Romeo, together with an exclusive 4C Spider “Italia” special edition.

The first fits a V6 BiTurbo petrol engine delivering 510 hp and 600 Nm, entirely made of aluminium, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. The weight-to-power ratio at the top of its category – 2.99 kg/hp – comes courtesy of the expansive use of materials such as carbon fibre, for the roof, bonnet, front splitter, rear spoiler and skirt side inserts.

A 4C Spider “Italia” was on display alongside the Giulia. This special edition sports the Misano Blue bodywork with gloss black inserts on the bumper that is exclusive to the 108 cars in this collectors’ version. On the outside, eye-catching features include iconic Alfa Romeo five-spoke wheels, 18-inch at the front and 19-inch at the rear, and yellow brake calipers that match the stitching on the seats, dashboard, steering wheel and door panels. The side proudly displays an exclusive “Spider Italia” sticker in the three colours of the Italian flag. The standard equipment of the 4C Spider “Italia” includes Akrapovič titanium central twin tailpipes with dual mode function and carbon trim. The high specification is completed by an Alpine premium Hi-Fi system with subwoofer, numbered badge on the central tunnel and aluminium “Italia” dashboard plaque.

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