Continental research highlights the need for UAE parents to pay more attention to tyre safety

  • One in four parents unable to recall that last time they had their tyres checked

  • School spot check discovered more than one in ten cars needed tyres replacing

  • More than half of UAE parents who regularly take their kids to school haven’t conducted a proper check of their car’s tyres in the last month


 Research by Continental, the premium tyre and automotive manufacturer, has revealed the degree to which UAE parents are overlooking basic safety checks of their vehicles, putting themselves and their children at risk. Contrary to the advice of safety experts, most parents are failing to check their tyres regularly enough, with a quarter not even being able to recall the last time they did a proper check.

As part of its Vison Zero safety initiative, Continental conducted two studies: one in collaboration with YouGov and another in partnership with the GEMS Modern Academy Dubai. The YouGov study of parents in the UAE showed the frequency with which parents check their tyres while a survey at the school inspected the tyre health of parents’ vehicles parked there.


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