World Rally Championship organisers are mounting a new push to get privateers back in the series’ top class via modified current-specification World Rally Cars.

A proposal to replace the 2017-specification cars’ 36mm turbo restrictor with a 34mm version for non-factory entrants was discussed at the FIA’s World Rally Car vision meeting in Geneva last month.

There is also a desire for the new-generation World Rally Cars to be used outside the WRC.

WRC Promoter and the event organisers are concerned at the lack of privateer participation, with former regulars such as Lorenzo Bertelli and Martin Prokop absent from current entry lists.

Bertelli is the only private driver who has attempted to put a sustained programme together in a current car, tackling Sweden, Mexico and Argentina in a Ford Fiesta last year.

The FIA has always voiced concern that the speed of the new-generation cars makes them unsuitable for privateers, but this has been questioned by some in the service park.

One source told “We’re investigating the potential for putting a 34mm restrictor into the current World Rally Cars.

“One of the concerns about the new generation of cars was that they could be too fast for some privateer or gentlemen drivers.

“Taking the restrictor down would take them back to where the previous generation cars were.

“We need to see more cars competing and it would be nice to see these cars outside of the WRC.”

M-Sport’s Malcolm Wilson is in favour. His team has traditionally sold its Fords to privateer entrants and supported independent programmes.

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