The big star Roger Feghali dominates the Spring Rally

Spring Rally – 34

Lebanon Rally Champion Chip 2108

The big star Roger Feghali dominates the Spring Rally Roger Fagali was able to win Spring Rally 2018 with his co-driver Joseph Matar aboard the Skoda Fabia RC2.

25 drivers participated in the event but  with the absence of former champion Tamer Ghandour due to of funding issues.

Runner-up was Rudolph Asmar with co-driver Ziad Chehab behind the wheel of a Skoda Fabia RC2.

Eddy Abu Karam and co-driver  Joseph Kamid completed the rally in third place aboard a Hyundai i20 RC2.

21 finalists were able to finish the rally, which is one of the most important events in the Lebanese Rally Championship.

The rally consisted of 8 special stages that took place between Nahr Ibrahim and Monsef and the Casino of Lebanon.

Eddy Abu Karam was the fastest driver on the first Special Stage (Nahr Ebrahim) posting 9,39.9 minutes. Rudolph Asmar came in second with 5.7 seconds and third was Nicolas Amioni. Roger Feghali was 10th

fastest on stage due to a tyre puncture. But the Lebanese star managed to win the following stage posting 8:07.5 minutes, followed by Rudolf Asmar +11.1 seconds.

Eddy Abu Karam came in third +12.8 seconds. After SS2 the cars headed back to the service park. SS3 was a rerun of the Casino of Lebanon stage.

Roger Feghali won it posting 45.1 minutes, 2nd was Rodolf Asmar + 6 seconds, followed by Eddy Abu Karam +1.1 minutes. The result remained unchanged between the first three opponents whilst the final stage saw Roderick Shepherd completing the final stage moving up into third place as Eddy Abu Karam was delayed, but this did not affect the final results topped by Roger Feghali.

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